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Orthodontic Facts That Will Keep You Smiling - Elk Grove Village, IL

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Different orthodontic procedures already exist before. As time passed and with several innovations here and there, dentistry improved well. Regardless whether it is an ancient or modern method, their goals are the same - to straighten the teeth! At Village Dental, we want our patients to achieve their dream smile and to become more confident. We provide FastBraces, ClearCorrect, and Retainers as part of our Orthodontic Treatments. There may be options to choose from, but the dentist will be the one to decide what will be the most appropriate treatment based on the patients' needs.

Planning to straighten your teeth? Know that orthodontics is not just about wires and brackets; there is more to it. Widen your knowledge through these facts:

Facts About Straightening the Teeth

  • The process of straightening the teeth can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Archaeologists discovered Egyptian mummies with alternative braces. It was found that their teeth were bound by animal intestines which functions like wires from braces. They believed that it was the Egyptians attempt to align their crooked teeth.
  • As people age, the teeth tend to shift forward. It is a continuous process that lasts throughout life.
  • Pierre Fauchard, given the title as the “father of dentistry” created the first braces in 1728. It consisted of flat metal that is connected on the teeth by a thread. Later at 1915, brackets were introduced made of gold to address teeth misalignment more effectively.
  • All orthodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are qualified orthodontists, only an approximate of 6% are.
  • Braces use a nickel-titanium material - the same alloy used to create space shuttles! Imagine how durable it is. Nickel-titanium was developed by NASA which were initially used for space programs. The elastic, thin, and heat-resistant material was perfect for orthodontics. These archwires are activated by body heat to maintain their shape.
  • Did you know? Almost 25% of patients who had orthodontic treatments have to get braces again because they did not wear retainers. To avoid this incident from occurring it is best to follow your dentist's advice.
  • A particular type of cement has to be applied on the teeth to attach the brackets into the enamel. What’s interesting is that some cement actually releases fluoride which is an added protection!

The road to a straighter, healthier mouth begins with an orthodontist appointment. If you’re looking for a suitable Orthodontic Treatment in Elk Grove Village, IL contact us at Village Dental and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have.

Different orthodontic procedures already exist before. As time passed and with several innovations here and there, dentistry improved well.

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