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How Can Dental Crowns Help Your Smile in Elk Grove Village, IL?

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Dental crowns or caps are tooth fixtures which are affixed atop the tooth or an implant. This is how the world sees the tooth as. Beneath it is the dental titanium screw in case of dental implants or the tooth which is injured, broken or discolored. They form the new tooth, in simple words.With dental crowns, one gets a new look to one’s tooth or teeth. If the tooth is discolored, broken or chipped, this can be mounted on top of it. Hence, one will get a new look for the tooth or the teeth. This helps in improving the smile of a person since this tooth is white and new in its appearance. It has a lot of cosmetic value.

What is the use of dental crowns in implant surgery?

Dental implant surgery is a method to getting a new set of teeth which are as close to natural teeth as is possible. If taken off properly, dental implants last for the entire lifetime of a person. A person needs to maintain good oral hygiene habits, however. One must brush teeth twice daily for two minutes each time. Also, regular dental flossing is recommended. If possible, one must brush each time after having anything to eat. If this is not possible, one must at least rinse the mouth thoroughly well after consuming food or drink. Also, periodic adjustments are to be made to the dental implants, and a person must be regular in this work.

What is the use of dental crowns in teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a procedure used for improving the color of teeth. Sometimes teeth get stained due to the intake of tobacco or alcohol or even due to the intake of antibiotics and non-maintenance of oral hygiene habits. This is when certain procedures are required to restore the tooth or teeth back in proper color. Sometimes one can opt for teeth whitening which involves smearing of certain whitening gels in the teeth and then passing a specialized beam of light through the teeth for a given duration of time. This can improve the color of teeth by eight to ten shades as well.However, one can also opt for dental crowns. These are caps which are placed atop the tooth or teeth and are fresh and new. Thus, their color is pearl white, and these give a very healthy appearance to the teeth. This procedure is also simple and does not involve pain or discomfort to the patient.Sometimes, teeth get chipped or broken as well. When this happens, a dental crown or cap can be placed on top to cover up the broken or damaged tooth. This also gives a new appearance to the tooth, and the result is a brand new tooth which the world sees.For more details contact: 958 Elk Grove Town Center Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Call: (847) 469-4340.

Dental crowns or caps are tooth fixtures which are affixed atop the tooth or an implant. This is how the world sees the tooth as.

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