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How Beneficial Are Dental Sealants? - Elk Grove Village, IL

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When it comes to oral health, being proactive is always better than reactive. For example, who would want to acquire cavities? Although the condition is quite simple at first, know that postponing treatment even just for a short period can lead to serious consequences. As cavity spreads on the teeth, aside from compromising its strength, it may also lead to infections and even gum disease.

Instead of taking action in preventing the spread of cavity, treating gum disease, or restoring the strength of the affected teeth, why not avoid the formation of cavities in the first place? Think this is not possible? Well, with the help of dental sealants we at Village Dental happen to offer, it can be done!

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants, as its name implies, is a type of treatment that seals the tooth from harmful factors which can lead to cavity formation. The plastic-like material is thinly painted on the chewing surface of the most vulnerable teeth. Although any teeth can take advantage of the said procedure, the ones that can benefit the most are the premolars and molars. The reason is, out of all the teeth, these are the ones with deep and narrow pits where food debris and bacteria can accumulate.

If these substances stay on the deep pits, acids which can attack and wear down the teeth are produced. But with the help of sealants, food particles and other harmful substances would not have any chance to linger on the chewing surfaces. As a result, brushing would be more effective in making sure that the mouth stays in tip-top shape.

The Benefits Dental Sealants Offer

Additional oral care support

The problem when brushing the premolar and especially the molars are their location. Since they sit at the far end of the jaw, keeping them clean is much challenging than the other teeth. But with sealants, reaching and cleaning the chewing surface is no longer a struggle.

Easy maintenance

One good thing about dental sealants is, once the applied material is chipped, dentists would just be able to reapply a coating for continuous teeth protection.


As long as proper oral care practices are observed, dental sealants can protect the teeth for up to a decade!

Painless application

Since the procedure does not involve drillings or enamel reduction, anyone can avail of dental sealant without feeling anxious about how it is performed.

Sealants are ideal for anyone at any age. To protect the teeth from cavities and any other oral complications, take action by considering the application of the protective material.

Aiming for a healthy and well-protected smile? Book your appointment with us at Village Dental and avail of our Sealants treatment in Elk Grove Village, IL! We are located at 958 Elk Grove Town Center, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007.

When it comes to oral health, being proactive is always better than reactive. For example, who would want to acquire cavities?

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